Who Are Fallen Planet Studios?

Independent Virtual Reality Development

It is as independent as it comes at Fallen Planet Studios. Affected is Fallen Planets first VR release and has was created as a proof of concept to evaluate horror and VR. Over the last year we have met many talented artists and developers inside the VR world and have built up a fantastic free lance team for future developments. With a number of free projects and our exciting Kickstarter campaign launching soon, 2014 will not only be a great year for Virtual Reality gaming but also a great year for Fallen Planet Studios.

“Creativity is just intelligence having fun”



Why Kickstarter?
Affected was created soley with stock assets from the internet, webstores and the unity asset store. With a limited budget and just a proof of concept in mind, Affected was born. To be able to fully bring my ideas to life i would need a budget, which is why Kickstarter seemed the obvious choice.
What Is It?
A tactile, exploratory, story driven horror experience unlike any other! I have gathered some of the brightest young minds in design, modeling, writing and voice acting and aim to bring this all together to release a stunning immersive experience. Though my next game will differ slightly from the walk-through aspect of Affected, it will develop the ideas and experiences I created whilst making my first game for the Oculus. Story lines are still being finalised but our campaign artwork and promotional video will soon be underway.

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