Horror Survival Adventure


Meta, Steam, Playstation


1 – 4




Enter the chilling world of Red Park Asylum

Embark on a spine-tingling voyage through the eerie corridors of Red Park Asylum, a VR multiplayer horror adventure that will challenge your nerve and teamwork skills. In this game, players can explore alone or join forces with friends to uncover the twisted mysteries of this infamous urban legend. Packed with large-scale puzzles that require cooperation and strategic thinking, the gameplay is designed to intensify the thrill of the horror experience. As you navigate through the haunted asylum, you’ll encounter immersive challenges that demand both courage and collaboration to solve, making every moment in Red Park Asylum an intense journey into the depths of madness.

Adding to the terror is “The Hunt,” where players are relentlessly pursued by the monstrous inhabitants of the asylum. Stealth becomes your critical ally as you must strategically maneuver through shadowed hallways and abandoned rooms to evade certain death. This element of constant threat adds a palpable tension, enhancing the immersive experience as you and your team work to solve puzzles while avoiding the ever-present danger lurking around every corner. Prepare to delve into an unforgettable adventure where teamwork isn’t just encouraged—it’s essential for survival.