Fallen Planet Studios is an independent development studio whose primary focus is the creation of immersive games and experiences for Virtual Reality (VR). Formed in 2013, Fallen Planet was one of the world’s first game development studios to focus solely on VR. We aim to deliver higher levels of immersion by using tactile interfaces, interactive environments and the latest in VR development techniques.

Our core team has over 30 years experience in the gaming and other related industries. Having worked across multiple disciplines, Fallen Planet Studios is well versed in game development, game design, graphics, product development and sound design, as well as overseeing numerous projects from conception through to eventual release.

What we do…

We don’t just make games, we make interactive experiences that are tailor made for Virtual Reality and the new wave of technology shaking up the gaming and entertainment industry. Our journey so far has shaped the way we create our content enabling ourselves to deliver not only immersive experiences, but content that maximises the benefits of Virtual Reality.


Not only do we love Virtual Reality, but we also love simulators. Add Virtual Reality to a motion simulator and you have a magical mix that is unlike any other product in the amusement arena. We create high quality, theme park grade rides and experiences that will work with your VR Simulator or Motion Chair! 


While our core business is in the entertainment industry, over the years we have worked with a number of commercial clients who see VR as a way to show their products and brands to a new audience, and excite their existing audience. We can guide you through the development process and advise on all areas of your VR installation.

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Unit 102, Crown House, 10-16 Coronation Walk, Southport, PR8 1RE, United Kingdom
+44 (0)1565 740 763

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