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We license AFFECTED: The Manor directly to more than 540 VR arcades in 45 countries. Whether boutique independent or larger chain location, we have pricing packages to suit every requirement including monthly and per-minute rates. We are also available via platforms like Springboard, SynthesisVR, and Omniverse. Read on to find out more…

The Perfect Intro

In AFFECTED: The Manor we have created the perfect introductory app for customers coming through your doors for the first time, or those just looking for the thrill of the most popular haunted house in VR. As a high quality 10-15 minute walkthrough with a beginning, middle & end, no puzzles to solve or keys to find, AFFECTED: The Manor is VR at its very core. Pressing a single button moves the player in whichever way they are facing, this simplicity ensures that any motion sickness is minimized and makes our experience a great choice for both experienced gamers and VR novices alike.

Custom Promo

In addition to making great VR experiences, we also try our best to support VR arcades in other ways. This includes creating posters to promote our titles which we send out to our partners for them to display in their locations. We’ll also happily customize those posters with any arcade names or logos that you send to us. To find out more about our free posters please click here and provide information about your VR arcade or theme park.

What our friends in LBVR say…

We have been working closely with VR locations since 2016
Here’s what our partners say about AFFECTED: The Manor

What Can We Offer Your Arcade?

Social Media Support

Aside from creating posters for your arcade, we also know how important promoting your location on social media can be. We operate a Fallen Planet Studios Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account, so feel free to tag us in any of those so we can like, share or retweet your posts to ensure we give your business as much exposure as possible. If you plan on running a more coordinated social media campaign for your location, please contact us directly so we can discuss how we can support you further.

Join Our Growing Group Of Arcade Partners

If you are an arcade owner or operator and want to join the biggest names in LBVR by adding the most popular haunted house in virtual reality to your games library, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by clicking here or using the contact form below and one of our team will be available to discuss licensing options. And if you just want to chat about VR in general, we are also always more then happy to have that discussion too, so drop us a line!

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