Watch Ortis From Channel 5’s The Gadget Show Get The AFFECTED Treatment

29th October 2015


Last week we got invited by Channel 5 to appear on The Gadget Show. They were dealing with fears and phobias and wanted to use Virtual Reality as a means of testing exposure therapy. The idea was that Ortis would play ‘AFFECTED: The Manor’ whilst hooked up to sensors monitoring his heart rate, sweat rate and overall stress levels. The analysts wanted Ortis to play through The Manor level 3 times so they could monitor the readings his body was generating, their theory was that the more he played it the less afraid he would become. The problem they hadn’t foreseen was that Ortis was so scared by The Manor level that he only just made it through to the end once (after taking the HMD off several times during the experience) and actually refused to play it for a second time because he found it too disturbing! Oh well, Ortis. At least you tried 😉

The show airs on 9th November 2015 – 7pm

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