Fallen Planet Studios @ VR Days Europe 2019

15th November 2019

Our Visit To VR Days Europe 2019

In November, Fallen Planet Studios CEO, Alex, was invited to Amsterdam to take part in the Location Based Virtual Reality (LBVR) summit at the VR Days Europe 2019 exhibition. In ancient Rome the lustrum was the name for the celebration of a five-year period. A moment to reflect, unite and look ahead. For this reason, the 5th edition of VR Days was dubbed VR Days Europe 2019 – The Lustrum Edition. 

Specifically, Alex was asked to speak onstage as part of the panel entitled ‘How To Make Money In VR As An Indie Developer’ alongside Jenna Seiden [Zambezi Partners/Beat Games], Alastair Hebson [Superhot] and Risa Cohen [Spree Interactive] and discussed a wide-range of topics including advice for VR indies, the development studios impressing them right now, what their favourite VR games and experiences are, and the current condition of the VR landscape from their own perspectives.

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