AFFECTED: The Manor PC Release Now On Oculus Rift

1st October 2018

AFFECTED: The Manor On Oculus Rift

We are delighted to have brought AFFECTED: The Manor to the Oculus Rift! Our VR development journey began way back in 2013 with the release of the first DK1, it’s great to have now launched on the first commercial VR headset from Oculus.

Our AFFECTED trilogy was first available on the Oculus Share Site way back in 2014, this was an early precursor to the Oculus Store and was one of the most downloaded apps at the time which allowed, this is where our relationship with Oculus began and we have worked closely with them ever since.

We have loved bringing the first title from our trilogy to the Oculus CV1 and are excited to continue development on the rest of the series. We have included full Touch compatibility on release of AFFECTED: The Manor to increase immersion even further.

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