AFFECTED: The Manor on Oculus Quest

29th December 2019

AFFECTED: The Manor Launches On Oculus Quest

After months of hard work we succesfully launched AFFECTED: The Manor for Oculus Quest in December 2019.

This new version of The Manor has been revamped from the ground-up exclusively for Oculus and features enhanced graphics and new levels of interactivity, as well as terrifying new routes and a host of shocking surprises. Later updates will also introduce a new in-game challenge mode called ‘The Gauntlet’, of which we’ll have more news in the coming weeks.

Reaction to the launch was overwhelmingly positive; early reviews have commended the revamped incarnation of AFFECTED: The Manor for having a ‘perfect atmosphere’ and ‘PC-level graphics’ and we maintained over 80% approval via the Oculus store.

As we enter 2020, this new version will be ported and released as an update for [amongst others] Oculus Rift, Steam and PlayStation VR so that users who already own The Manor will be able to enjoy all of the new tricks and treats in the Oculus Quest version.

And to really cap things off, we were also sent this handsome Quest trophy [right] from Oculus to commemorate being launch partners. Thanks guys!

AFFECTED: The Manor for Oculus Quest is available by clicking here or visiting:

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