AFFECTED: The Manor Launches At Ventura Park With Cyberith Virtualizer

12th April 2016

Fallen Planet & Cyberith At Ventura Park

We launched into our first theme park in conjunction with Cyberith this month. “AFFECTED: The Manor”
is now available at Ventura Park in Central America via our partnership with the omni-directional
treadmill released by Cyberith, called the Virtualizer.

Cyberith continues to install their ODT platform in theme parks and arcades around the world bringing movement in VR to a wider audience. Given the native locomotion mechanics that we have employed in AFFECTED: The Manor it has proven to be the perfect partner for ODT hardware and enables further player immersion when combined with the Virtualizer.

Visit Cyberith for more information on their exciting Omni treadmill, the Virtualizer.

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