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19th November 2018

IAAPA 2018

In November 2018 Alex headed to Orlando, Florida where he attended the 2018 IAAPA exhibition show alongside our partners Ultrahaptics in order to debut our collaborative project, AFFECTED: The Visit. We created a groundbreaking, tailor-made VR experience to work with Ultrahaptics’ STRATOS Inspire unit and showcase it’s unique mid-air haptic technology. The display allowed attendees to feel objects and sensations in mid-air inside virtual reality, without the need for touch controllers or haptic clothing. This is currently the only experience in the world to offer this type of immersive sensation. Alex dropped by the booth [in amongst checking out seemingly endless miles of exhibits] and was delighted to learn that the team had won two IAAPA Brass Ring awards for Best New Concept/Best New Product. And all this at the same time that Ultrahaptics turned five years old.

Congratulations guys!

Affected, exhibition, partnership

Fallen Planet CEO Alex with Ultrahaptics and their IAAPA Brass Ring award

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