AFFECTED: The Visit In TV Feature Spot

5th March 2019

Fallen Planet Studios on The Gadget Show

At the very end of February, the team hit the road and headed south to Bristol to meet up with our friends and partners Ultrahaptics and ImmotionVR for a special televised recording centered around AFFECTED: The Visit. As the UK’s foremost tech TV show, The Gadget Show are no strangers to introducing fresh, innovative ideas and products into people’s homes and in this episode, due to air in May, their gaming correspondent Jordan Erica Webber tried out The Visit first hand and described the impact our immersive VR experience and the corresponding haptic feedback on her [hint – she loved it!]. A quick camera turnaround later and Jordan conducted a one-on-one interview with our CEO, Alex. This isn’t the first time Fallen Planet Studios have worked with The Gadget Show, having previously been hired as VR consultants back in 2016, and hopefully won’t be the last. If you see Alex out and about, don’t forget to ask him for his autograph and selfie.

Gadget Show, immotionvr, ultrahaptics

Our CEO Alex [L] being interviewed by The Gadget Show’s Jordan Erica Webber

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