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AFFECTED: Ghost Rider @ Monster VR

6th June 2019

AFFECTED: Ghost Rider @ Monster VR

In the coming weeks, customers at Monster VR theme park in South Korea will be among the first members of the public to enjoy our brand new horror roller coaster AFFECTED: Ghost Rider. Monster VR lives in an impressive 1,320 square metre site in the Songdo district of Incheon, on the western outskirts of Seoul, and consists of four separate zones where guests can take part in a variety of VR-based activities. Fallen Planet Studios have worked closely with Monster VR since 2017, having previously partnered with them to make AFFECTED: The Manor the main horror experience of choice for Monster customers. Ghost Rider, which we announced in the previous update, will be optimised to work with Monster’s motion simulators to provide a breathtakingly immersive experience with incredible visuals as participants are able to feel every bump, turn and judder of the track. We’ll have more news on this installation in the coming months.

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