Fallen Planet & Virtuix Omni Partnership Announced

10th September 2017

Virtuix Omni Announcement

Virtuix Omni has requested that our PC version of AFFECTED: The Manor, is included in their launch library for the upcoming rollout of their omni-directional platform, the Virtuix Omni. We began working with Virtuix back in 2014 when we allowed them to use our VR experience to develop and demonstrate their product, so it’s great to see them now distributing their product globally.

All of the deployed Virtuix Omnis are connected to their centralized platform, the Omnisphere. This gives arcades access to the complete library of Omni supported VR titles on a pay-per-play basis. Fallen Planet Studios is proud to be part of the first wave of titles and looks forward to enabling further growth of the Virtuix Omni platform.

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