KAT VR – created the KAT WALK, one of the best omni-directional treadmills (ODTs) in the VR space. In addition to servicing arcades and theme parks around the world they also create bespoke hardware for VR that goes beyond traditional walking simulators.

KAT first reached out to us in 2015 and we have supported them as development partners ever since. in 2018 KATVR moved into third party publishing and requested AFFECTED: The Manor to be the flagship app for their new initiative.

KATVR Will be publishing AFFECTED: The Manor on both consumer and commercial VR platforms, extending the Fallen Planet reach into Asia and beyond.

Oculus –  Our strategic partnership with Oculus began following the release of the AFFECTED demo back in 2013. We first released it as a trilogy on the Oculus share site which was a pre-cursor to the Oculus store and our experience was one of the most downloaded VR apps at that time.

Oculus have always understood that great content is key to consumer adoption so they supported our development by supplying us with the latest HMDs when they were released, this ensured we could continue to optimize our app to take advantage of the latest advancements in their technology.

That hardware support has continued since then and we partnered with them on the release of the GearVR controller in 2016 as well as their first standalone HMD, the Oculus GO in 2018.

Aperium RealityAperium is the first in company in the world to have developed KVR (Kinetic Virtual Reality) technology that allows you to roam freely inside a virtual space. Based in Montreal, we have worked with them to optimize “The Manor” for their unique locomotion platform.

Samsung – Our strategic partnership with Samsung allows them to demonstrate their hardware at events such as CES and GDC using the high quality VR apps that we create. We began this partnership back in 2016 and our apps have been demonstrated at Samsung promotions all over the world.

Google Daydream – After a successful launch on the GearVR in June 2016, Google announced ‘AFFECTED: The Manor’ as one of the launch titles for their new Virtual Reality Ecosystem. We launched our app utilising the Daydream 3DoF controller in January 2017.

Nexperience – The Nexperience Motion Simulator couples with a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display to offer an immersive and thrilling VR experience. We have designed a bespoke Minecart Simulator specifically for the Nexperience platform at their request. This is available in Asia from February and will be showcased in the USA at GDC, March 2017.

Virtuix Omni – Virtuix Omni partnered with the Chinese game developer and publisher, Hero Entertainment in 2016. Our app ‘AFFECTED: The Manor’ has been selected as one of the flagship apps used to introduce their omni-directional treadmill to the Chinese market.

PicoVR – Fallen Planet Studios has been invited by Pico to join their roster of launch titles for their first standalone mobile VR HMD. We are flattered to have been asked and jumped at the chance to deliver our popular mobile app to their platform, which can be redeemed totally free of charge!

Cyberith– Fallen Planet Studios have been working with Cyberith since 2014; they are a leading company in hardware for location-based VR. The Cyberith Virtualizer is an omni-directional treadmill that is in use in locations worldwide. Our partnership with Cyberith means that AFFECTED: The Manor is available around the world in theme parks and arcades. They are constantly working to innovate and introduce new ideas to the market.