Fallen Planet Studios is best known for it’s AFFECTED IP, however in addition to these releases we have also created a family friendly experience called Escape From Emerald Mine to be used primarily with motion simulators. We first licensed the experience to a motion simulator platform in South Korea and have since rolled out the ride to the rest of the world. We are now working closely with the Korean simulator company, Innosimulation, as they continue to develop their partnership with Samsung which has seen the Innosimulation chair make its way to nearly 1000 Samsung stores worldwide

We are now broadening the catalogue of experiences we have for simulators and licensing them to our partners on a global scale. To learn more about our motion simulator experiences Contact Us Now.

Not only do we love Virtual Reality, but we also love simulators. Add Virtual Reality to a motion simulator and you have a magical mix that is unlike any other product in the amusement arena. We create high quality, theme park grade rides and experiences that will work with your VR Simulator or Motion Chair!

Grab your pickaxe and helmet, we’re going underground! It’s a beautiful morning as your minecart starts to rattle it’s way along the track, your cheerful gnome colleagues wave ‘hello’ but wait… perhaps you shouldn’t be going this way after all?  The cart races downwards as debris from the mountain begins to explode and tumble all around you. Your heart starts racing even faster then as you start to slow down and breathe a sigh of relief you find yourself in the dragons lair! How will you escape this? Strap yourself in and prepare to Escape From Emerald Mine.

Take a Ghost Ride into the AFFECTED universe but beware lies within! Experience the heart-stopping thrills as you hurtle through the haunted forest, desperately trying to escape the Witch before her spell casts every rider into oblivion! Not for the feint-hearted, this rollercoaster ride can be synced with motion simulators for increased immersion and delivered via PCVR, or as stereoscopic 3D movie on standalone VR headsets.

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