Fallen Planet Partners With CL Corporation

20th September 2018

CL Corporation

Fallen Planet Studios has embarked on a new commercial partnership with CL Corporation (CLC), a French company known for delivering high end entertainment solutions and innovative turnkey products. CLC also works alongside tech giant Samsung, supplying them with VR simulators to accompany their GearVR smartphone experience. Our joint installation is an immersive hyper-real simulator called ‘AFFECTED: The Hotel’.

CLC have designed and built a real-world elevator kitted out with pneumatics and other 4D FX that we have synced with our bespoke, 4 minute VR experience. We are proud to be working with one of the leading companies in this space and are extremely excited to explore new ways of extending our AFFECTED IP into theme parks and entertainment centres using our partnership with CL Corporation and Samsung.

The trailer for our ‘AFFECTED: The Hotel’ experience can be viewed tot he right with more information available on the CL Corporation website. http://www.clcorporation.com/?lang=en

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