AFFECTED: The Visit – giffgaff Halloween 2019

29th October 2019

giffgaff Halloween – AFFECTED: The Visit

This Halloween we teamed-up with leading UK mobile network giffgaff to unleash our terrifying multi-deminsional horror experience AFFECTED: The Visit on some of the UK’s foremost Twitch gamers. @chocolatekieran, @bateson87, @leahleahviathan and @juxtog all had chance to get their hands [quite literally] on our shared project with Ultraleap which allows users to experience mid-air sensations using Ultraleap’s haptic technology.

As you can see from the reactions in the video here,  Ultraleap’s truly innovative technology, combined with Fallen Planet Studio’s industry-leading virtual environments, take immersion in VR to whole new levels. If you would like more information on AFFECTED: The Visit please click here

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